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Best health insurance company? (easiest to work with?)


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In your experience, which insurance companies are best at accepting out of network testing and consults with professionals? Specifically with regard to the issues discussed here?


We had UHC in the past, but after ACA passed, their quality of service severely plummeted, even though the policy was through DH's employers. In years past, we had no problems with them. But later, they nitpicked every claim.


Before open enrollment begins Nov. 15, I wanted to get others' opinions...





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I can't speak for everyone of course, but generally speaking it sounds like most people on this forum find that most practitioners that are well versed in Pandas, Pans and/or Lyme do not take any insurance at all, mainly due to the fact that they can't be compensated for the amount of time that is required to treat these patients through most insurance companies. The doctor we use will provide a "super bill" that you can use to attempt to send in the claim yourself. I haven't had any luck so far getting any visits covered, but 95% of lab work has been covered.


Best of luck!

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Thank you. I know that most doctors don't file themselves, but was wondering if there were companies more willing to process and cover the claims if you submit them yourself.


It's nice to know that labwork is generally covered.

What about medications?

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