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New to the ADD world and starting from scratch


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My brief story is: I have an 8 year old stepdaughter who I have been raising since she was 5. She has shown ADD symptoms since she started kindergarten but we knew that because of her difficult childhood that some of her "issues" could be due to her past and not necessarily ADD. Well, she has come a long way but is still struggling with focusing and paying attention in school. She is extremely bright, kind and really an easy child. She just cant focus and the teacher (and also myself) is getting pretty annoyed with redirecting her constantly. Also, because when she is corrected or makes a mistake she shuts down (her survival mode) and she is being accused of being disrespectful. (ugg)


Anyway, I am new to ADD but not new to Latitudes; It has been around 8 years since I have been on this site and It was in regards to my Son with Tourette's. I got amazing help here and found such relief in knowing that there was a way to figure out how to help my son without using drugs. And I will say he is now 19 yrs old and in his second year at college living and loving life. Yes, he still has Tourette's and always will but he knows what to do when it gets bad thanks to me learning so much on this site. Soooo, where else would I go when needing help for ADD and my daughter.


I am looking for a place to start. I am aware of the no artificial colors/additives, good multi vitamin, and structure at home. So now I am looking for some good information directly about ADD. starting with what the heck is the difference in treating ADD and ADHD. (my daughter is not hyper-active but I would say she hyper focuses) Maybe some info on good books to start with, any more vitamins to add, or any other info that you all may think will be helpful.




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