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Has anyone tried cannabidiol (CBD) for tic control? My doctor (thinking outside the box, since traditional tic meds aren't working well for me) suggested it as a possible remedy.


Here's a very brief summary of what my research has turned up. CBD, like the better known THC, is an active ingredient in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause feelings of euphoria/highness. Products containing THC are generally illegal, whereas CBD is legal.


I would be interested in knowing which specific product and dosage were used, and what the benefits were (along with any side effects).



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Also interested in this. I have a friend who is giving it to her PANDAS child and she believes it to be helping. My DS is not PANDAS though. I have purchased some of the oil but have been scared to try it on him. I tried it and it gave me severe anxiety, but antidepressants do that to me, too. Maybe it is because I don't need it? Anyway, I would like yo hear any testimonies as well.

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