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Anyone's child get wild with Zinc?

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Did you try to increase zinc gradually? We only dose every other day; if it is causing some kind of die-off due to improved immune function you don't want the herx to get too bad.


Smaller amounts over a longer period with keep die-off to a dull roar.

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When we started zinc a year ago we were in the middle of a major depression and eating disorder and ocd. Even with all that already going on, I felt like the first few days or so of zinc (15mg zinc picolinate) caused noticeable herxing. We just recently increased the dose to 15mg twice a day and I didn't notice any increase in symptoms this time. Is this a new supplement or an increased dose for your child? Then again, she could have been exposed to something and is flaring from that?

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zinc and copper are related. if you are increasing zinc, you may be changing the balance(or moving the imbalance) that has been in place with copper. basically, chelating the copper and you may be seeing effects of excess copper circulating.

I can't remember a lot to state it now, but if you need, I can look back at notes, etc.


right now -- I'd say google 'copper personality' or copper overload and see if these are issues you are experiencing.

if so, this may still be something you will need to deal with -excess copper is troubling - but you will likely need to add zinc at a much lower dose.

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