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I am new to these boards, though I have been a fan of Sheila Rogers for many years after reading her book Natural Remedies for Tics and Tourette's. I have yet to post our full story and will do so soon (it's a long one!), but I have a quick question for anyone who can help. My daughter, 11 yrs old, has had tics on and off for years, but over the past year or so they have exacerbated, becoming more frequent and more extreme. I know for sure that she has some environmental triggers (colouring, fragrance, chlorine just to name a few). We have been avoiding all known triggers, but where avoidance used to work before, we now are at a standstill. I am in the midst of trying a gluten-free and casein free diet, but am not sure it is helping, and am not sure how long to keep going with it.


With the understanding of the effects of pesticides on tics, does anyone have any knowledge on the effects of going on a purely organic diet? Successful? Not?


Thank you so much in advance!



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Hi there

it is so frustrating when you are doing all the right things but the tics still wax.....


Remember with TS there are also likely some "internal" or other subtle triggers that account for the characteristic waxing and waning and these are obviously harder, if not impossible, to fully account for. As your daughter is also now at or near puberty, with all those hormonal changes, this may also be a factor! along with those teen year angsts that push up the stress levels and so exacerbate tics


We have found over the years that being totally organic and "clean" in diet is well worth it... just a little of the toxins etc from pesticides, additives etc can often have a very big reaction!

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