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Itchy Rectum after upping Zinc Picolinate

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yeast is not the only reason for the itch. have you considered other possibilities?

including various forms of inflammation and skin irritation?

mild 20 minute long bath with baking soda might be helpful.

zinc could be the cause also -- I started it a month ago and am having the same reaction. not sure how to explain it.

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It could also be parasites.


Tomorrow is full moon and 5 days leading up to full moon and 5 days post the full moon is when you might see parasites more active (replicating/mating due to magnetic pull) hence symptoms. You can put a piece of tape over the area at bedtime and remove in the morning to see if there is any visible sign of parasites..... Apparently, hook worms are notorius to cause anal itching and would be visible on tape.

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t -- yes, but then there could be other causes. in my case IBS or skin issue. I have both.

my kids started taking zinc at the same time as I did but did not have the itch. if it is any form of inflammation, itch should react to the warm bath with baking soda positively.

you have that other post with undigested food -- that sounds to me like clear indication of stomach problems. they can cause the itch.

i don't know if you dealt with the same before, what I do is radically change diet to, basically, meat. I use Align probiotic -- it rebuilds flora, apparently, better than other probiotics.

NYT had a good article on gluten earlier this week. they list sugars that contribute to IBS.

so, again, i would guess that your kid might have a stomach and skin issue not yeast or parasites.

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eamom - where did you find that perianal strep leads to treatment refractory PANDAS (vs regular "treatable" - LOL - pandas?)




Trintiybella - get your child in for a perianal strep swab asap. I'm pretty sure my son's pandas started this way - before I ever heard of perianal strep. I wasn't until I was in the pandas world for a year before I heard of this. I just put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and it went a way - on and off for 2-4 weeks? I thought my son wasn't wiping down there or cleaning well enough. its got a specific look to it - google images of it.

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Swedo mentioned that at the CA PANDAS symposium in Burlingame (last April). I believe what she meant was, "look for perianal strep if your PANDAS kid isn't getting better".

Maybe you would presume that perianal strep would just get better on the same oral antibiotics that is used to treat strep throat?

My non PANDAS dd had a sometimes itchy around her rectum which didn't go away with oral antibiotics (she had been on several times, and the rash was constant). Ped said it was yeast, but it didn't go away with anti-yeast cream (which the ped recommended). When I used a strong antibiotic ointment, it did go away, so I presume it was perianal strep, not yeast.

Anyway, not all antibiotics penetrate to the skin well, so that might be a reason certain oral antibiotics might not clear perianal strep.

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