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tics and antibiotics


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this is a report of what we personally noticed about our ds6 tics and antibiotics. Someone on the forum suggested that taking right abx will help with tics, and, in our case, this was correct.


short history: we stopped all abx in March, by early June, ds developed new tics with mouth and arms. they were very frequent and their episodes appeared throughout the day.


In June, we reintroduced prophylactic Augmentin with some effect. In early September we started Ceftin 250mgx2 day, as well as Azithromycin 100mgx1 day. By mid September, both mouth and arm tics were almost completely gone. In mid September he started with a bad cold. We saw some mild tics come back after the first week of that cold. By, now, the second week, though he still has symptoms of a cold, all tics are again gone.


Also in early September we introduced ferrous sulfate (iron) but we did not change anything else.


I cannot say if abx help everyone with tics, only that they helped our son.


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Did you son have any symptoms other than the tics? My son's primary symptom has always been a motor tic. We got it to signifiicantly decrease and then basically resolve for a period of time, but now it is back. He has been on combo abx since May and we added a third abx at the end of August - the tic is still there.

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for him, we did see some tics off and on throughout the last two years which we count as his pans time.

he would circle through them, changing them on weekly basis, running through whole gamut with voice, mouth, and arm movement. episodes were mild and did not last long.

then, after we stopped abx and he had a cold two months later, his tics became more persistent, episodes longer and longer, and more frequent up to the point when they became constant. they also did not vary in any way. he was moving his arms as if he were doing some form of karate and blowing up his mouth even while he was talking.

now, these arm and mouth tics are gone and no new ones appeared. he is entirely tic free. he does have other symptoms, mostly behavioral, that also include some thought patters and irritability but they are mild in comparison to what they were during the summer.

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