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Magnesium for sleep?

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I know that alot of people use magnesium for their children to help them sleep.


My DS (24) sleep has gotten worse, to the point that only seroquel works.

I would prefer not to give this and want to try magnesium.


My question: His magnesium levels are fine so is it still ok to give magnesium.


Also he has constant diarrhea which we are trying to fix so I read to give Magnesium Glynicate because it doesn't create diarrhea, yes?


There is also a newer form out now...Magnesium Threonate, supposedly gets into the brain better, has anyone used this?


Also what dosage....500 mg. before bed?


thanks for any help


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I cannot answer your question, i am sorry, but can offer a bit different way to think about your problem. stomach and sleep are connected. perhaps settling the stomach will help him with the sleep, too.

I don't know what caused diarrhea, and can just speak in general terms: one way to start is with Align -- you can read online what makes that probiotic special.

methylation help could also be beneficial for sleep. In our case, stopping dairy had a great effect.

you might be doing this already.

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I use CALM, by Puritans Pride. Available at many stores. 2 tsp. will deliver about 325 mg. This product is dissolved in water, and the bio-availability is high to the brain. I tried it myself, and I was astonished by it's effects. I was ready to go to sleep within minutes of ingestion. I believe it is water soluble, so do not worry about it becoming toxic. I would give your child a banana every day to help with diarrhea, because it will soften the stools, and if your child already has and issue, the banana will help.


I would start with 1 tsp and go from there.

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I like the one with Calcium. The calcium and magnesium need each other for optimal absorption. Also, it has vit D in it as well!


FYI: there was a batch made where it does not dissolve well. It should dissolve completely. If you experience an issue, take it back. Puritan Pride is aware of the problem, and are reimbursing stores for an exchange.


Good luck!

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I recently started taking 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate at bedtime. No weird side effects. I think (haven't been tracking long enough to know for sure) it's helping prevent my morning (I sometimes wake up with them) headaches. Also, I don't tend to wake up in the middle of the night when I take the Magnesium Glycinate.

Magnesium glycinate is supposed to be better absorbed than some of the other forms. It might also be good vs tics/twitches and is supposed to be good for bone health.


Be sure to take Magnesium away from antibiotics (at least 2 hours). Also, some drugs (like antibiotics) can deplete Magnesium.

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