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Need advice. Very worried.

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Thank you beerae,


Your breakdown of the drs are helpful. Do you know anything about Ohara's practice? I'm confused as to what they actually do.


Update: we just got all the labs back. The Dnase was neg, the aso was positive but the dr said they did the wrong test and it didn't give a measure of how positive it is. He has never been treated for strep in his life. He's 6. He isn't having any symptoms now so is it safe to take a wait and see approach and if he starts doing crazy stuff again do the right labs and hope they treat him based on that? Is it safe to say the stinkin flumist probably caused two weeks of craziness? I'm sure you ladies know what I'm talking about... But thoughts and worrying about him consumed me 24/7! Everytime he told me something hurt or bothered him I was worried sick. I was thinking everything from Pandas to a brain tumor to cerebral palsy because he's intellectually disabled.

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If you read the package insert



pg.15 under biodistribution

mean percentage 2.4% brain/7 healthy adults/significance unknown???????


If you think that your son had a reaction to this make your Dr. report it to VAERS. If he won't, you can. The info for reporting is right in the insert.


edited to add that the info. above was for a radiolabled placebo but might a reasonable presumption be made?

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Your problem here may have initially been strep that wasn't caught by a good swab. However, what has caused this to escalate is the flu mist. Many kids get autoimmune encephalitis from the flu mist, especially if there is already a pre-existing issue when the mist is given. This happened to my daughter 3 years ago. I have spoken to many parents who had the same issue after the flu mist.


You need to have your child tested for Mycoplasm Pneumonia IgG and IgM antibodies as well as Igenex Lyme test. You need to see a LLMD immediately. Your child would do very well if he got treatment as soon as possible.



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