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We are in Australia, where it is very hard to find a Dr who believes in PANDAS. Our 12 yr old daughter's tics come on when stressed about eating ( she has had extreme weight loss, including re-feeding in hospital, and we have to work hard to keep her intake up) Her tics also increase when under any other stress, such as getting her back to school or even trying to get her to come out of the house with us. She doesn't generally have tics at other times. Her tics involved her arms, facial grimacing, stuttering etc.

Can stress bring them on like this?

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Hi Jane,

I'm in Australia (Melb) too and have found that Biomed trained doctors and medical practitioners know about PANDAS. There are two parent run organisations in Australia who bring doctors mostly from the USA to do regular training in Biomedical protocols with doctors/medical practitioners in Australia - they are MINDD Foundation and Biobalance/Walsh Institute. Check out their websites for more info - don't be too concerned if you don't find PANDAS/PANS mentioned, the more recently trained drs will certainly know about it. Both websites have lists of practitioners by state. Our Biomed dr is my no 1 hero! Good luck!

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