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Homework and Bad Ticcing

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Hi All,

My 5th grader who has TS is really struggling right now after about 4 weeks of school. We had some difficulties last year, but they seemed to have calmed down as the year progressed. There is definitely been a big difference with how Harrison is doing with homework. After a pretty uneventful August, school began and with it, a serious dislike to touching paper. As the school year has progressed, it seems that the tics are worse every day, and now homework is becoming almost impossible to begin and/or redirect to finish. Last night, he had a full meltdown so I let him rest (he actually fell asleep for about 30 minutes), but them after delay after delay, I finally figured out that he had a rather large written assignment accompanied by another meltdown, an "I'm sorry, Mom", and then I finally help him write out his sentences to complete the work. He bangs and/or hits the paper or table about every 7 seconds as he is working. I am trying a weight jacket to calm him down, OT brushes from years ago, but I have not figured out how to find the "relax" button for him yet.

I am also a special education teacher, so this probably affects my concern about this. I am trying to tease out what is tics causing him to stop and start, what it an attention issue, what is a sensory integration issue, or is it all of these things together? In any case, I would appreciate any input anyone might have about how they have dealt with a similar issue. I do not really want to cut back on work for him as he is a very bright child, but he is also really unhappy and I am feeling like perhaps I need a tutor or some additional help to support my son.

Thanks for any help!
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Sorry to hear these. Did you discuss with his teachers about his situtation? It is so important that teachers understand him. Sometimes, teachers may try to adjust based on his situation by reducing the amount of his homework, and have him to study more instead of doing homework.

Did you also try to reward him by having him to do something fun aferward like compuiter games, going for walk, riding bikes, watching movies, having fun activities on Saturdays and Sundays. In other words, some fun activities for him to look forward after homework, or after 5 days schooling. So that he won't feel school is so painful.

On the other hand, does he feel too stressful about the school? Does he like the school? Does he feel comfortable about the school? Is this the right school for him? More importance is he learns rather than finishing a bunch of homework. 6 to 7 hours in school plus homework time at home may seem stressful to a student.

You don't need to answer back these questions, just some thoughts that you might think about.




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My son is 14 and has had tics since he's been about 2. Now a freshman in high school he is proficient at suppressing during the day which causes his tics to flourish at night when he's home in the "comfort zone" of his own house. We have learned to talk through it and often he will ask for a massage before he starts doing homework. this often helps relax him and lessens his stress and tics. another relaxation technique that we do is simply rubbing his back or just placing my hand on his back while he's doing homework. Sometimes that is enough to lessen the tics. hope this helps.

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