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OAT test; intestinal microbial overgrowth?

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Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Received back the OAT test for my DS (24); many things out of whack but the one thing that got me was the Intestinal microbial overgrowth, its 3894? range is up to 219.9.


So he has yeast yes? But how do you fight yeast while still on abx?


The doc didn't seem too concerned, just said we are already doing what we can; using GI-Microbe X tabs, 1-2x day and nystatin, 4-2x day.


I'm trying to keep him off of sugar and carbs...hard though.


My other doc said to add in Candicid Forte, 1-2x day.


Also was using Charcoal pills but doc had me switch to detox 2, said he liked it better. also gave me A-FNG to start using.


Also giving probiotics; high bifido ones because he has diarrhea for like the last 2 months.

Have Custom Probiotics D-lactacte free powder but think the high bifido is better, at least for now.


Any suggestions?




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Sorry, I can't remember if you've done Shoemaker Panel and Real Time Labs yet?


I recently had a conversation with Better Health Guy and he was telling me if there is persistent chronic yeast there is most likely a mold issue. Due to your son's symptom presentation I suspect you've been dealing with a horrible yeast issue for a long time that obviously doesn't resolve with anti-yeast medication. Does he ever have a discolored tongue that is darker, discoloration around teeth, itching?


You can also do the VCS on-line testing for $15.00 as a start. http://www.survivingmold.com/store1/online-screening-test


You can try ozonated suppositories available on-line at Biopure.

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We had terrible OAT results 6 months ago. High yeast, bad bacteria, clostridia and the likes. The only thing that cleared it up for us was BRAVO probiotics. It took one month and his gut was back to normal. His vocal tics also resolved to about 95% as well so we knew it was doing something.


its expensive but its the only thing that will bring the gutbiome back to normal levels while still on abx. We eventually went to a prophylactic abx protocol which allowed for even more gut healing as we had more time to let the BRAVO do its work in between doses.


If you want more information, pm me.



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sf-mom....he hasn't done the Shoemaker Panel and Real Time Labs test but did the EIA & Immunoglobulins report his numbers were:


IgG score......Class


Aspergillus fumigatus....3.74.........II Range 3.00 - 10.00

Candida albicans..........101.00.....IV Range 2.50-12.50

Alternaria tenuis............31.84......IV Range 2.50-12.50

Helminthosporium.........9.47..........II Range 0.15-0.50



Was told these are markers of mold....doc suggested mold drops/allergy drops to help him desensitize him to mold and the other doc gave us the A-FNG from BW.


Am going to try the A-FNG 1st because I'm not comfortable introducing something else his body has to fight off (mold drops).



cara615....pm'd you



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This is a serious case (from what you are saying here) of


CLOSTRIDIA / c. diff


extremely high bacteria growth (not fungi)

and you said diarrhea for 2 months.


Flagyl or Vancomycin (there is a 3 week protocol)

Flora Star (sacc B probiotic)


Needs a Dr. to see this test- help--

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He really needs to have something on board to help him detox the mold toxins. The Real Time Labs covers completely different molds of the following and would still recommend doing both Shoemaker and Real Time Labs. Some Dr.'s believe you need to be off antibiotics to detox mold properly. You might read one of Shoemaker's books for better understanding.


Tricothecenes: Black Mold


Aflatoxins: Aspergillus Flavus and Aspergillus Parasiticus


Ochratoxin A: Mold typically found in food

Here is some more information from their website.


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