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My 4yo just finished 10 days of azithromax...

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We are not sure if he has pandas but my ped is going by an elevated DNase, me thinking I had strep a couple months ago, him complaining of a sore throat, and a sudden onset of an eye blinking tic a few weeks later. Since he had no documented case of strep, she let us try the antibiotic.


After about 6 days, eye blinking tic is 95% gone. However, now he is doing something weird with his mouth. Like a stretching of his mouth and nose. He mainly does it watching tv, and some in the car. It's a strange looking thing he's doing. Like a fish almost! I gave him benydryl yesterday, maybe that's why he's ticcing differently today? He does have allergies to dust mites but this doesn't really look related.


What does this mean? Do pandas tics usually change like that? I really thought I was on to something figuring this all out. I hope that makes sense. I thought he was getting better and now this. Maybe this means it's just a tic and not pandas at all?




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Yes. My son had the same facial tics. Started with the eyes and we had the same results with abx at first. Do NOT wait it out and see if time will tell. Make an appointment TODAY with a PANDAS specialist. It will likely take a couple of months to get in. If it turns out to not be a problem, then you can always cancel, but you will have that safety net. The earlier you catch it the more likely you are to arrest it with medication. Once it jumps the track and gets going, the train is much harder to stop. Early intervention is very valuable! You are welcome to message me if you want help with docs. Warm wishes! -Kath

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DD's ticcing morphed frequently, but one generally lasted for several weeks before gradually giving over to another. When ticcing was bad we would commonly see more than one at a time and at this point vocals would often develop.


DD's motor ticcing has included: shoulder shrugging, eye blinking, eye rolling, elbow pumping, hair flipping, neck stretching, mouth stretching, hand smelling, tongue protrusion.


DD's vocal ticcing has included: tongue clicking, throat clearing, squeeling, nose blowing, coughing.


I tell you this not to scare you, but to show you that all of this is very common and symptomatic of PANS/PANDAS. When you properly address the infection and it's related inflammation the ticcing will improve.


For us, ticcing means there is a buildup of toxins in the body. Any type of antibiotic treatment that killed off DD's bartonella infection resulted in increased ticcing and other physical symptoms of a herxheimer reaction. She also tics when exposed to mold toxins or has a yeast infection.

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