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Update From Ellen's Son

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Hi, my name is Gary. I am Ellen's son. I have had PANDAS for seven years, and a five years ago I developed a PANDAS website for kids called Guide to PANDAS Syndrome. Now I have a business where I sell photos and photo gifts as merchandise. This has been a good creative outlet for me, especially since I love taking photos and sharing them with people. If you are interested in buying anything, here is the link. Please check it out and feel free to share this with friends and family through emails and/or facebook. The prices are reasonable, and there are photos from a variety of categories. I would really appreciate your spreading the word and supporting this venture.



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Gary, it wonderful to hear from you. My daughters' were on your kids website and found it very helpful. One daughter made a friend through it and was able to share her PANDAS experience with someone who knew what she was going through. That website was really a blessing to her, at the time- she was 11 or 12 and PANDAS (as you know) really stole so much of her childhood. She watched severe PANS happen to her sister, and then one year later, it struck her. The website gave her a place where she did not feel alone. Thank you so much for that.

You are clearly a very talented photographer! I especially like the bridge photos, they are really beautiful. I will definitely share your link and will support your business.


Keep us updated on your business and again, Gary, thanks for what you offered my kids through your website! It is an honor to hear from you on the forum.

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This is Gary's Mom. I am bumping this for those who didn't see it. Powpow, thanks so much for supporting Gary's photography business. He appreciated it very much. Some of the old timers here may remember the PANDAS website for kids that Gary created several years ago, when he was only 13. Gary has recently turned 18 and is still struggling with many impairments. His shutterfly photo and photo gift site has been another great creative outlet for him, so please consider supporting this business venture and spreading the word to others as well. We are approaching the holidays soon, and this would be a practical way for people on this forum to take care of some of those gifts and support a young adult with PANDAS at the same time. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like an update on Gary.



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T. Anna, thanks for asking about Gary. I haven't been on the forum in awhile. I also just saw your message and will PM you. Gary is doing a bit better and he is now in a place that we think could be very helpful. I will try to post a more detailed update on Gary some time soon.

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