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Oil for Panic/Anxiety attack?

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A little bit of an update:

DS16 did well cognitively with the neuro-psych evaluation. He was average in many areas and the school seemed able to accommodate him in a modified 11th grade.

Today is day #2 of school and he generally had a good day reconnecting with friends and old teachers. He did get annoyed, because they switched around his classes and teachers from what they promised during orientation on Wednesday. And one of his issues is that he doesn't do well with change : /

This morning when DH & I went to wake him up, we woke up OCD instead. DS16 describes it as having two people in his head. It took him two hours to shake it and he finally made it to school at 11:20.

Is there an oil or aroma that I can use on DS16 to bring him out of this OCD land?

I've read that people sometimes rub things on their kids' feet (might be a struggle but maybe it's at least an option, since he cannot comply and swallow pills in that state).

When he is in one of these zones, he just curls up under the covers and tries to whisper to us, but mostly just cries. Sometimes he falls back asleep and then may wake up stronger and eventually stop crying and be better able to be himself. But we cannot get him to take pills when he is in these zones.



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t_anna, there have been a number of times that I have read your posts and really related to them. Today is no exception. Our dd, age 16, has been making some improvements over the summer and got to school all day on the first day of school! Day 2 she was different from the moment I woke her. She was "freaking out" and curled up on the floor in her closet, wrapped in a blanket, talking VERY fast and quietly, angry when I can't hear/understand her... She slept most of the day--acknowledging that this was partly fatigue and partly avoidance. Our mental health provider recommended ativan. We haven't been able to get it yet. Today, day 3 of this school year, she woke much calmer. She told me she knew she could get to school today, but just not right away. She made in in by 9:45 for 3rd period. Then today she got her period, which could be another factor... Told her another fresh start tomorrow! Still don't have the ativan. Curious to see what advice others give. Are you still using CBD oil? Does this help with the panic type of episodes? I finally convinced her to soak with epsom salts, but I think I made it too hot. She said she felt worse afterwards--anxious, heart raising, and increased tactile sensitivity...

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Okkkaaaaayyyy, Preface.....I have neither read these nor do advocate this, but in doing a quick google search here is what I found that matches your criteria:


http://www.gwern.net/docs/nicotine/2003-salinpascual.pdf Transdermal Nicotene patches used for OCD and Anxiety in non-smoking patients.


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2446482/ Transdermal nicotene for ADHD/depression and anxiety.


I would read this, but we are on our way out of town tomorrow am and I just popped in for a short check up here. I will try to read this article later when I can.

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Thanks MomsLove.

CBD - Yes, we are still using CBD - 20 drops x 2 a day.

Gaia Passion Flower - We also added Gaia Passion Flower which definitely helps calm him before bed (he hadn't taken it Wednesday night and slept poorly)...I bought it at a regular health food store - similar to a small Whole Foods.

Ativan - It didn't work for us. Tried it a few times. In fact it made DS more anxious/nervous.

Min-Tran - A friend suggested Min-Tran which she said is great and she got it from her chiropractor, it looks like it's mostly Calcium 120 mg 10%, Iodine 200 mcg 135%, Magnesium 19 mg 4% in 4 pills.

Aroma Sprays - I bought some aroma sprays from amazon, it has good reviews and our house could always smell better ; )

CocoaVia - He seems better when he eats their chocolate powder, but I think I want to try it in capsules so we can see what it does when dosed properly.



Yesterday - He didn't text once yesterday and said his schedule is clearer and he stayed all day (school ends at 5:10) and went to finish his neuro psych evaluation from 6:45-8:45pm.

Today - He got stuck in the bathroom fighting the OCD and Rituals and made it to school an hour late (progress, but not great).



T. Anna


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Mayzoo, thanks!!


I will read the articles, sounds scary and interesting. I don't think either doctor would be ok with it....or DH, but I will see what the articles say, God knows the medical poisons we have already tried.


Cream and Compounding pharmacy - what a great idea!! We already get LDN from skips, I'll do some research.


Every night I use this CBD cream/Salve and that may be something to try on his feet. I sleep great and it's much milder than the CBD oil under the tongue.


Thanks again,


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