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Anxiety help Tampa/Ft myers

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I have severe anxiety and ocd and I want to see someone about it but I don't want to take medication anymore. And when I go to talk to someone they always bring up medication. I have went through 10 different medications and I think I am now worse off than I was before. I want to get help and get better but im tired of getting medication thrown at me. does anybody know someone between tampa and ft. Meyers that does not push medication at people.

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Have you tried the "Find Help" page on the IOCDF web site?




If not, I might start there. Just keep dialing and doing phone and/or email interviews until you find the right fit. I here you on the "push" for medication, but if you're really participatory in your own therapy and demonstrate a willingness to invest and work hard, I would think that a "good" therapist will hear you out and give you that chance. And maybe, over time, you truly won't be suffering anymore to the extent that medication continues to be recommended, or, if it is, you'll have built a more trusting professional relationship with a provider and embark upon a new protocol that could be more successful than the ones before.


Hang in there, and good luck!

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