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Can ADP (oil of oregano) & Probiotics be taken same time?

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I've heard that Olive Leaf Extract is good for the immune system and can help with viruses (not sure how though).


I had to read up on the benefits of Oil of Oregano and so far I see that it is good for parasites and bacteria - can be a replacement for antibiotics. Hmmm, does this mean that I shouldn't take oil of oregano AND antibiotics?

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We take all antimicrobial herbs at least 2 hours away from bacterial probiotics. You may not have to do this with the yeast probiotics (saccharomyces sp.) though.


Thanks for the links Mayzoo. I hadn't come across them and just separated herbs from probiotics because I thought I should.


I see in the one link that cryptolepis might be the exception to the rule that herbs are generally easier on gut microflora - and it is.


After a couple months using 5 drops BID of cryptolepis and only replenishing good bacteria with fermented vegetables we ended up having to go back to the full dosages of probiotics that we had been using with abx because of yeast overgrowth. We hadn't had a yeast problem for the whole year before that while the protocol didn't include cryptolepis.


@ teamtyrion - Buhner says that using antimicrobial herbs along with abx can actually help. While abx only address infection via one biological route because they are composed of a single constituent (monotherapy), antimicrobial herbs have multiple constituents, attacking infection via different routes which can be more efficacious.


Just be careful to only use low doses of herbs while taking abx. The antimicrobial herbs can act synergistically resulting in greater die-off than could be expected using either abx or herbs alone. This applies to the use of multiple herbs as well, but not as much for the anti-inflammatory herbs (Japanese knotweed, turmeric etc).

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