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Infectious Disease doc completely wrote off known tick bite

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We waited over a month to get into an ID doc and she basically laughed in our faces. She said our daughter will "probably just be a sick kid who gets everything" and insinuated that we've done her a disservice by not putting her in daycare (I'm a SAHM). She said that her symptoms were caused by recurrent viral infections and refused to run any testing (of any kind - to rule out tickborne illness or anything else). She said there was no way a tick bite could have had anything to do with any of what our daughter has been going through.


So that was a waste of time. :/

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I'm so sorry! Have you had a chance to read Cure Unknown by Pamela Weintraub yet? You will learn a lot about tick-bourne diseases, including why ID docs have such a different perspective from ILADS-trained Lyme-Literate MDs (and why most people dealing with Lyme get no help whatsoever from ID docs). That said, no difference in perspective could ever excuse that kind of rude, condescending and hard-hearted behavior toward a patient, especially a child. Hang in there!

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Our PCP had the same reaction, even after I showed him the Igenex results (positive for bartonella and IND for lyme). He said that DD's pain symptoms - which I now know are highly specific for bartonella - were the result of a child who did not want to attend school and was just making it all up. That she had fooled me into thinking she was sick. That she should be spanked, given klonopin and ritalin and sent to school.


When I refused the drugs he had prescribed he sat me down and told me that I was a bad mother. That our daughter would not be able to function without them and that I was depriving her of the opportunity to succeed.


This doctor was the President of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and has been our family doctor for over 30 years.


He offered to send me to an ID doctor, but I declined. I thought I would find only more of the same if I continued to seek help through the mainstream medical community.


I knew in my heart that if I searched long enough I would find the cause of DD's symptoms and a way to help her.


It is scary to take responsibility for your child's health, but I was the only one willing to do so. What a trip it has been!

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We had the same response from ID doc about Pandas/Pans and a PCP........Strep and Mycoplasma. So we get it.


I want to encourage you.....any payment, not paid by your insurance, that you are required to pay......just refuse to pay. Tell them the service and/or direction for healing was non existent.....so therefore......same with my portion of the payment.


I know this MAY be an unpopular approach..........but at some point, docs will listen. We must be able to vote with our cash. And a non payment is a no confidence vote. If your not happy with a service, why pay.


Also, many people are moving away from main stream docs for alternative meds and supplements. Not to mention organic foods. They will hopefully in my lifetime start getting it or they will face extinction.



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Can you find an LLMD or an LLND or a PANDAS doctor in your area?


My family doctor prescribed DS abx for over 6 months at the beginning but then she felt she was out of her element and referred us to neurology and ID, who gave us the 'yes it's PANDAS', 'well, maybe it's Tourette's' and 'it can't be Lyme' despite holding a CDC positive test in their hands. I was naive.


You're not alone. :)

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