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Coming up with a doctor's statement for work insurance?

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We have been very blessed that our kids' martial arts Master has hired our 2 oldest to assist at his school as there are few places they could work that would not have a problem with them taking a week off every couple of months to see a specialist in another state.


He has asked me if I could provide him with a document for their files (for insurance purposes) that has their diagnoses & any special precautions that might need to be taken, or if none need to be taken, to prevent them infecting someone (bleeding is unusual, but it does sometimes happen).


I tried contacting our LLMD's assistant by email & by phone beginning 3 wks ago to find out what could be provided to him, but she has not responded (I know these offices are busy, but this seems to be a problem with all the LLMD's we have worked with, & I really don't understand why they so frequently don't even acknowledge our calls at all. If they don't have time to do it, then saying so, instead of wasting my time that I don't have to spare either, would take less time than the time spent screening my repeated requests).


Anyway, so I was thinking it would probably work better if I just came up with research and made a document & faxed it to them for the doctor to fill in the diagnoses & sign?


Problem is, I'm not sure what research there is on human-to-human transmission. It seems to be similar to HIV in how it can happen. Is that right?

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