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Die off/ flare from colostrum?


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Had a recent immune panel run on dd9, low IgA, others in line, but 1 of the others on the lower end of normal.

So I buy goat colostrum capsules. We are GF/CF, the goat colostrum is suppose to be casein free?

Anyway, give one for first time after school, an hour later, a new OCD idea pops up relentlessly in her head.

We aren't seeing OCD anymore really, this was a surprise. Get her into Epsom salt bath, bed.

Wakes up very grumpy, some vocal tics.

What do you think? Should I try another capsule of goat colostrum today?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Knowing your story you are not going to like what I have to say. I've learned that low IgA means there is 'like' an allergic reaction going on in body and immune system can't keep up. Perhaps why you are getting response from colostrum.


In our case I strongly feel it was mold toxins. I know you focused on your home (which may not be the problem). It may not be mold but perhaps some other environmental toxin she is unable to deal with currently.


LD monthly IVIG has helped our DD tremendously as we treat her chronic infections. Definitely less reactive and hardly any mood liability. Her IgA is only at 24. It will be interesting to see where she is when it normalizes.

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Thank you Rachel and SF.


*sigh*. You guys can say anything you want to me. We did do mold- house inspection, minor repair in garage done by the mold people, ERMI testing, Hepa air filters, Hepa vacuum, air samples, neurotic mother w/ the clean/dust/never clutter,

2-3 months Cholestyramine powder, etc. I really sense her school is okay, it's not the school.

BUT, it was back before the Real Time Labs urine test was available, so we haven't done that test.


The low IgA scares me too much to consider another IVIG. I didn't want to do another anyway, really, and these results made it an easier no decision (last IVIG's 4 years ago, IgA wasn't low)


The Goat colostrum company emailed me back and said the casein is negligible, and of course a very different protein type from cow.


So, continuing colostrum will help her body fight infections, yes? Also raise white blood cells to help?

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Just a couple of things if you should ever change your mind about IVIG.


In our experience LD verses HD has been very helpful for our DD. You can test for IgA antibodies to help determine if there will be a reaction. Octagon has the lowest of IgA compared to other products. It is covered by our insurance and we have in-home services.


For now, keep running subclasses 1 to 4, IgA and IgM every time you do blood work. If the trend is down over time you will easily qualify for coverage.

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Oops, I forgot to add did you do Shoemaker ever? How about on-line visual test for $15.


Does she have yeast issue? My understanding from 'Better Health Guy'. If there is chronic yeast there is mold. In our case, this was very true.


Real Time Labs was extremely helpful to us but it isn't for everyone. Sometimes you just aren't dumping toxin into urine. Perhaps give her cholestyramine and then run test. It is an expensive test.

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Btw. Is there a possibility that something else could be setting off the tic? What seems to set my sons vocal tics off are cleaners, rubbing his head, and viruses. He had a really bad one this last week. He did not run a fever but his white blood count was at 20. It caused a little havic before having a tunneled central line put in.

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Yeast is okay per recent test, complete viral panel came back great (nothing elevated!) no Myco P.


CD57 only 26! Also a finding of bacteria from nasal swab (not a fungus or staph)


The surge of OCD last night, vocal tic noise this morning seemed like die off to me--gave lipo glut, Burbur after spacing a.m. antibx.


We have an appt. next week, meanwhile, I am giving another goat colostrum after school...


Thank you both again, it is concerning me the low IgA, some other classes on the low side. Will see how that goes.

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