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Tonsil cultures - what to test for?

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Amazingly, our ENT surgeon here in Ontario has been receptive to our discussion of pandas with relation to our Son's upcoming tonsil and adenoid surgery. She is going to prescribe abx following the surgery and when I asked if she could culture the tonsils she said "Sure, but please provide me with a list of what to check." So, I need a list!! His surgery is this upcoming Tuesday and here's what I have so far:


Streptococcus - Group A Beta-hemolytic

Borrelia burgdorferi

Bartonella henselae

Bartonella quintana

Babesia microti

Babesia duncani

Mycoplasma pneumonia

Mycoplasma fermentans

Ehrlichia chaffeensis

Coxiella burnetii


If viruses can be cultured:

Coxsackie A



Any other suggestions would be appreciated. :) Hopefully this will provide some relief to his OCD.

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