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valium for tooth surgery

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ds 10 has not just one 'rare' condition of PANDAS but also has a supernumerary tooth - seems somewhere around a 5% or lower prevalence -- here's to my one in a million kid! ;) (also he has 2E learning status)

this in and of itself is not troublesome -- may people do just fine with them in place. however, for him, it is impeding the permanent tooth eruption and has actually caused that tooth to move almost horizontally into other tooth roots. he may actually lose that permanent tooth.

so - this needs to come out -- the primary tooth that is in place, the supernumerary pebble and strong possibility the permanent tooth.

this is a procedure that could be done in an office under sedation and nitrous oxide. for most people, it would be an office procedure.


our ortho suggests doing it in his office under valium and nitrous. ds is very comfortable at this office and with this doc. our ped thinks ds is too sensitive and best situation is knocked out. the oral surgeon would do it in his office but was certainly agreeable if I thought it should be in the hospital. our integrative MD has a background in anesthesia and thought that would be a good option to just knock him out.


I have concerns about anesthesia and effects that could have. the hospital route is certainly more expensive. I have read some troubles about nitrous and ASD kids(ds is not technically on the spectrum - I just mean similarities of sensitive kids). I have concerns if they get started and he is too sensitive and it would have been better to be knocked out. what if he would have done okay in office and I subject him to unnecessary anesthesia?


any opinions to share? thanks.

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Oh guess what? My PANS had a supernumerary tooth, too-

yes, I could have used some Valium myself when the dentist showed it to me

on her x-ray a few years ago and tried to explain it to me.


The nitrous oxide I believe is a MTHFR/ B-12 thing- do they offer something else at the dentist?

Besides just Valium?


Versed (sp.?) is the anesthesia they use in the hospital, and it's a beautiful thing- asleep, then awake, no memory in- between, all good. However, that requires an IV, and prep work appt. before hand because it's a hospital procedure.


I have medical procedure phobia myself-

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sss- interesting - I think I have noted other similarities over posts of your dd and my ds. wonder if it's just coincidence or some reason for common threads.


yes - versed is what they would use. is that what you did with your dd?


ds is neg for MTHFR. we have not done 23 and me for further mutation info.

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It's actually ME who has the fear of medical procedures, so much so that earlier this year I finally (after too long in anguish) agreed to endoscopy/ colonoscopy, which is usually outpatient, but I needed the hospital setting with Versed. Still had panic attack in the hospital room until they could give me meds/IV.


My PANS dd9 'hidden extra tooth' came up on x-ray 2 years ago. I had a Sr. dentist and ortho give me their opinions- which was what I wanted to hear; leave it alone. And I have selectively tried not to think of it again ;-)

PANS dd9 has had no medical procedures (besides HD-IVIG's) or teeth needing pulled. She seems to lose her baby teeth easily and early.

Sorry your son's had come up, creating problems :-(. Get it out and over.


My DS 16 (non PANS, etc.) has had to get teeth pulled 3 times at dentist, this kid never lost his baby teeth, crowding, crooked, etc. we used the nitrous at the dentist office- no idea if he has a MTHFR, but he may, since I have A1298C.

Anyway, he never felt great (nausea) after procedures, and 1 time threw up in my car on the way home because he ate pizza right before,

but nothing adverse or bad.


I would think if your DS can take a little Valium before procedure, then the gas, it really is easier- and cheaper...

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