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Respen-A or Oxytocin has anyone used these

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I need this groups help on a topic I feel like autism and PANS may be one in the same ,,,, I have heard of other doctors thinking this too that classic PANS is an occurrence after age three, & my sons situation is before he was three with his tick bite when he was a baby.my son is now almost 4 & has a twin with typical chattery development.....:)


We are doing oral human gamagobulin for 2 months and starting our 3rd month we now have good speech but very little desire to be social or use language in a back fourth receptive way, very little desire to socialize with his brother. We had a process of getting rid of candida overgrowth and use probiotics & Nystatin to keep it away. The funny thing is I was holding a friend of mine's little girl at a birthday party on Saturday & at 11 months of age she was attempting to have a conversation with me, it showed me something I had NOT thought about in a while, which is ....just how young the human desire to communicate can be


My question is: Now trying to move forward to get receptive language and socialization, has anyone tried oxytocin or Respen-a? We will continue the oral hg , but I am just trying to see what others have done in this situation, thinking of the future. Thanks

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My two PANS/Lyme boys are using Oxytocin nasal spray for 1 week so far, but have made multiple changes that week, so hard to tell if helped (but overall they are calmer). We have an RX waiting to use, but it muscle tests poorly so will not just yet. It must work in some people and not others. Would love to hear who it did/did not work for.

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