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low blood sugar cause for OCD?

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Not specifically, but frankly any atypical "stress" on the body or mind seems to inspire more OCD thoughts or behaviors in someone who is predisposed. My DS needs well-regulated meals (so that would go to low blood sugar) and sleep for optimum mental health. I realize that's no "light bulb moment" but is, rather, pretty common sense. But I think some people are just more likely to be impacted by dysregulation in the things that most people accept as good common practices.


I would think thyroid issues would be similar, though I have no experience with that.


Our psych, meanwhile, has noted that impacts to the immune system are well-documented with respect to corresponding impacts on the prevalence/pervasiveness of OCD (another sort of "duh" moment for those of us dealing with PANDAS/PANs), but she's been very insistent that it is the case with non-PANDAS/PANS sufferers of OCD as well as those identified with PANDAS/PANs. That perspective has sort of, converse to what she intended I think, fed my suspicion that most/all OCD is immune-related at its root.

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Interesting that you mention thyroid. His numbers were increasing recently so started on different brand and higher dosage and symptoms seem to be slowing down or gone (unable to sleep, more OCD). The Psych also mentioned how the thyroid can affect both. Your perspective that OCD is immune-related is very interesting. Thank you.

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