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Larch arabinogalactan, anybody? OLE? (immunomodulating)

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Just got off the phone with one of my NDs and talking about immune modulation and how we can redirect the immune system into fighting bacteria and viruses instead of DS' brain. She said she uses larch arabinogalactan with a lot of kids - I've been doing a lot of reading and this is the first I've heard of it. Anyone else use it?


She also recommended olive leaf extract. What is a good brand to use? And dosage?

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Thanks. Thorne is a reputable supplier. Our LLMD uses many of their supplements.


A butyrate producing prebiotic - interesting. We are going at it another way by supplementing the butyrate producing probiotic itself in our probiotic rotations.




And then there's grass fed butter :) if you can find it which is high in butyrate. .

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Chubbermommy Very interesting about Arabinex, never heard of that. Will be asking Dr. W about this. Was your ND putting OLE in the category of immune modulation?


We have used OLE with great success here. We use Barleans olive leaf complex (liquid) which they have stopped selling in Canada but you still may be able to find it. I eventually did. Because I could not find it I tried Natures way in Vcap form and OLE by botanica, neither provided same type of improvement that Barleans did. (for my son)


I use it when in flare and seems to bring him out quicker. We did see some significant herxing from it as well. When I gave him a bigger dose (ticking went on for 45 mins) followed immediately by the biggest sustained cognitive leap I had ever seen.

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No, it was Dr. W who suggested the Arabinex and/or the OLE for immune modulation. But I don't want to give too many new things at once so I asked her which would be better, and she said the Arabinex. We shall see.....


I keep hoping something will change when I give him something new, but so far, nothing much has happened. :(

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