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Herbs / Meds for Parasites?

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All, I wanted to get a read from people on the forum on their experience with using herbs to go after parasite co-infections (with Lyme). By parasites I'm including blood-borne plus intestinal. I dont know if DS has any but want to "cleanse" to make sure.


Any suggestions? Buhner herbs? Other protocols? If not herbs what traditional drugs worked?



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My son has been on the Stephen Buhner lyme protocol of herbs for two months now and we also added the three additional herbs (cryptolepis, alchornea, sida) for all the brain fog issues. He is still on Minocycline and Biaxin twice a day too. So far not seeing any major changes, good or bad. I know RowingMom has had a lot of success with Buhner herbs for her daughter. Our LLMD said it takes a little longer with the herbs. The big factor will be at the end of the month if he goes back to school, he did not go all last year.

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There is a lot out there for parasites. Here are some we've used. Rotation and treating for a long period of time is important.


  • Para Comp (Herbs)
  • Byron White: A - P (Herbs - currently using)
  • Scram: Health Force (Herbs)
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms - currently using)
  • Alinia (prescription)
  • Invermectin (prescription)
  • Biltricide (prescription)


Some other suggestions:



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Traditional Pharmacueticals my kiddo has been on:


Mebendazole (first--two rounds two weeks apart)


Albendazole (Second--two rounds two weeks apart.




Black Walnut complex by Nature's Answer


She is currently on Buhner's EBV protocol and that some cross over for anti-parasitics in it.

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For me: I did not come up positive on comprehensive stool, blood work nor did I feel I had any symptoms.


How I discovered I had intestinal parasites was I went to a an Ayravedic Healer for my Lyme and they preformed an herbal enema. Shortly after treatment it felt like my liver was hurting and went to LLMD to run blood work. All testing came back normal.


However the next day I started finding tape worms. Sorry if it's too much information but it's important to know I had no indication of them. The pain was most likely from many of them being bundled up together in my upper intestine.


I am still treating.


Our older son did come up positive on comprehensive stool analysis.


100 years ago people used to treat their entire family for parasites every six months. Some how we have lost the importance of treating regularly.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Our LLMD has refused to give us anything to treat for parasites. She feels it will be a waste of time and the side-effects might make DS worse.


Even when we asked for natural / herbal options, she was not interested....a little mystifying for us....if there is no harm done by taking say Wormwood Complex (which seemed to be the top choice), why all the fuss...I guess it depends on the LLMD...oh wel...

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