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Cocoa Extract - NewYorker Article

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Ok, so I just read an article in the New Yorker about a family's journey with rare disease. The father had written a blog post “Hunting Down My Son’s Killer”



In the article he mentione that their son found some relief from NAC and ....

Highly Concentrated Cocoa Extract


So I did some research and found this review on a product called CocoaVia (looks to be from the father in the article):

By Matt on October 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
My son has an extremely rare genetic disorder which results in oxidative stress in his cells.

His glutathione levels are insufficient to cope with this stress, and this is one of the compounds we have tried to raise them.

His response was nothing short of miraculous. Developmentally, he had plateaued at six months old for five years.

After a few weeks on this, he began reaching new milestones, such as feeding himself with a spoon and sitting up on his own.

PharmaNAC produced improvements as well, but CocoaVia seems to be much more effective.

He currently takes both.


Anyone try this? Look into it at all?

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