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A good Dr in New Jersey/ New York for Tics Disorder

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Do anyone can refer me to see a Dr for Tics disorder in New Jersey/ New York area? My son has many motor tics, I do know he has GI issues as he is burping often and say "tummy ache" after meal. Cutting down 95% diary and corn already. It is overwhelming to see a list of Dr and don't know who to pick. I know I am looking into allergy test, metal test, yeast and parasite test, check for acid reflux etc. Besides pediatric GI, what Dr is experienced to find causes for Tics?





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Hi Barb,


Sorry, I can't recommend anyone from that area.


Did you do a search at the American Academy of Environmental Medecine website (http://www.aaemonline.org)? You can search practices by state. When I searched I got a list, like you said, but decided just to contact the closest ones. From there we went with the one that could give us the quickest appointment.




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