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Flares after being sick

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I've noticed this happening over the winter and it's happening now too. DS seems to flare after he is sick, but not during. For example, this past Monday he seemed to have some slight improvements which continued on through the week, but on Wednesday he developed a stuffy nose/cough in the evening. The worst of it was Thursday and Friday, but his tics were still improving. However, by Saturday he had gotten over the worst of it (and passed it to me and DH), but his tics really flared up that night. And Sunday, and until now.


I find it curious and wonder what is happening with his immune system - when he is sick, is his immune system "busy" with the virus? then he gets better, and his immune system can go back to attacking himself?


Also, he kicked a hole in the drywall while ticcing this morning - anyone know how to fix it? :)

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I think that what happens is that it takes a bit of time for the antibodies to create enough inflammation in the brain before you see the result....flare. Also, I think that when my child is sick, he is actually too run down and that trumps his impulses....


My child rarely flares during illness...always when he is on the mend or completely recovered.


This to me actually makes sense if all the theories about Pandas are correct.

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So in that respect, if he's coming down with a virus, or someone else in the family is, should we be ramping up on the anti-inflammatories? He doesn't take any usually, except for the omega 3; I can't think of anything that he takes that would be considered a good anti-inflammatory....

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