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PANS/PANDAS doctors in Canada?

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I live in Mississauga and would like to hear from anyone who has found someone who treats Pans/Pandas here in Canada. Do we even have "Integrative doctors" here? Please PM me if you are more comfortable with that. Thanks.

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Have you joined PANDAS Canada or PANDAS/PANS Ontario on facebook? That would be a good start. I am in Alberta. We are using Dr. Wilson in B.C. (Naturopathic) by phone. Medical Dr. still looking, Integrative Dr. none here that I am aware of. Dr. Arnold out of sick kids in Toronto but my understanding is unless it is Pandas and very straightforward (ie following Swedo's research criteria) he is not much help. Lots of well informed eastern Canadian moms on both sites who will be able to hopefully point you in the correct direction.



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We see Dr.Wilson in North Van and Dr.Stewart at Childrens


Hi spring - So, that is MD doctor #2 then (Dr. Stewart). For those in the US who are not aware, in the case of these MD doctors, our healthcare is covered here in Canada. All the other docs (mostly Naturopaths it seems), are out-of-pocket.


So, it's kind of beneficial to locate the MDs. However, I wonder exactly how knowledgeable they are at this point, not to mention how restricted they may feel in their treatment (My understanding is that MDs here in Canada are fearful of losing their license if they prescribe abx for longer than a month).


Spring - how have things been with Dr. Stewart?


So far we have identified 2 in Canada - anyone know anyone else? Or anymore good Naturopaths?

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