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Dia for 2 days; Blood in stool

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Hi everyone

May not be anything PANS/PANDAS related, but I'm new here and thought I would ask you for your input... Sounds like many of you have been thru just about everything.


We are on day 3 of diahrea (never spell that right) but last night was alarming. The dia hasn't been too bad, more just frequent soft stool than watery but still not normal stool by any means. In the afternoon dd5 said she had an accident in her underwear but it was like a wet spot if mucous and blood and small traces of stool. Definitely came from her bum. It was also blood tinged to wipe her. The next bathroom break was more blood mixed with the stool. The last one yesterday was just mucous and blood (no stool). I was alarmed but it wasn't a lot. Based on her fear of doctors, unless she is in pain, we try not to bring her in. I kniw there was no way of taking her to a hospital at 10pm to have it checked without tests and bloodwork (huge needle phobia). She was not in pain or lethargic or dehydrated so we took a wait and see approach. Today we are back to dia 4 x but again just really soft stool and it doesn't seem to be bothering her.

Nothing new in the diet. No fever. Tummy hurting a lot these days, but that is very common complaint from anxiety and we have a lot going on the past few days and a pending hotel stay coming up so maybe it is just nerves


I guess after reading all the auto immune stuff I've been reading, should I be taking this a little more seriously. Any input what it could be? We are so new to all of this, all I know is dds immune system is pretty bad as she catches everything under the sun...


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Bloody stool is something that should be checked immediately- really, I urge you to have her checked now (today).


If she is on antibiotics, or has been recently then there's a chance of c.difficile colitis which can extremely serious and sometimes fatal.


Sorry, not trying to scare you, but bloody stool is very serious.

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I agree with above-- you should take her to be seen immediately- especially if it's happened more than 1x with blood in the stool. That can indicate a very serious condition in anyone, especially a child. That is not anything to mess around with.


Best wishes.....

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Sounds like it could be c diff. She should see a doctor and stop giving her any antibiotics. Most antibiotics can cause this but there are a few that can treat it. They may need to prescribe those. It is better to be safe than sorry. The blood and mucus and frequent diarreah are all symptoms.

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