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How do you know if Lyme Treatment is working?

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100% agree with Rowingmom. A LLMD will put together a protocol that attempts to kill the three known forms of Borrelia and avoid monotherapy which may lead to chronic infection / relapses.


Eva Sapi has a nice study here on Doxy's performance:


I just had this conversation with my dd's PANS doc last week, who is primarily a Lyme specialist. We don't even have a positive Lyme, (yet!) but suspect bartonella, and he has her on 3 abx to cover all bases and forms.... (dd does have MycoP, which has similar biofilms and habits as tick borne illnesses). so, with that said-- IMHO, if your son's symptoms are severe enough that you're considering traveling, not only would I have him take the doxy, but I'd try to get Zith and Rifampin or Bactrim on board, if you can get it, and something for detox.


Best wishes....

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