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Unpasteurised/raw milk - anyone here tried it?

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Hello everyone, long time since I've been here.

Just dropped in to ask a question: has anyone here drunk unpasteurised/"raw" milk, and if so, have you ever had any ill effects from it - I mean, in terms of food poisoning?


I'm actually not asking for OCD/Tourette's-related reasons, but because I've heard it said that it cures tooth decay. I have one dodgy tooth at the moment that seems to be getting worse and if it did go seriously wrong, then what with my OCD issues and my needle phobia, there isn't a whole lot I could do about it - so I'm anxious for that not to happen. But not if the alternative is likely to result in getting food poisoning, obviously.


Many thanks,


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Just an update: I've been drinking unpasteurised milk every day for the past 2 months or so, and haven't caught anything yet! Not even minor stomach upsets. After looking into it, it seems that the regulations about hygiene for unpasteurised milk in the UK are very strict indeed - a good deal stricter than for farms that pasteurise all their milk - so it's probably not a problem. (We use Emma's Organic Dairy, who seem to be one of the best-known sources of raw milk in this country because they ship anywhere in the country, though there are plenty of local places. I recommend them, they're reliable and the milk is nice.)


As for the tooth, it cleared up completely for a month, not a squeak out of it, and I cut down the milk and a couple of other things I'd been taking by half. Then a couple of weeks ago, it came back again worse than ever; I've been back on the full amount for a week but the tooth's still problematic. May just take time, but I'm going to ask a question on the website where I first heard about this.

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I drank and used raw unpasturized milk and loved it until our kids were diagnosed with dairy allergies almost a year ago. I still buy it every so often (and cheat on the dairy) to make kefir and love it. I have had no problems whatsoever with raw milk products in PA, but I know they can be hard to find in some states. I have read a lot about raw dairy and much prefer it to pasteurized dairy products. I read an interesting article recently about pasteurized milk and will post the link here http://preventdisease.com/news/14/102914_The-More-Pasteurized-Milk-People-Drink-The-More-Likely-They-Are-To-Die.shtml. There is also a very good book called "The Devil in the Milk" about the different types of milk A1 and A2 based on the type of cow that produces the milk and how allergies are more common with milks from certain breeds of cow.

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