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Ceftin? Hunger vs. Anorexia?

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Took DS16 to LLMD yesterday. Switched him from rifampin/Azith to Ceftin/Azith. She said that CEFTIN was the closest thing to IV abx(??) DS weighed almost 92 lbs (5'6") and for the first time admitted that OCD was the real reason he doesn't eat (and admitted "I realize I have an eating disorder, I just don't want to be fat."). Sunday we learned that his thyroid is over active (was under active since the fall) so we stopped the synthroid and thyroid supplement. His doctors believe that was impacting his appetite too) The LLMD said Lyme can affect thyroid numbers too.

- If he is not eating because of OCD+thyroid issues, will treating the Bartonella help with OCD (since stopping the thyroid meds he seems hungrier BUT more tortured by it)?

- Yesterday, was the first time DS16 shared with me how his OCD works. What happened was that he decided to buy an ice cream at the school cafeteria (summer school) and that was going to be his 1 thing to eat yesterday. He was really upset/frustrated that the ice cream was so tiny and now he "used up" what he was going to eat : (

- Is that a good sign, that he's sharing details of his torturous OCD mind?

- LLMD said to stop the Augmentin, that Ceftin covers the same thing. Should I keep it on (didn't give this morning or last night), just for the anti inflammatory properties (to help him fight the OCD)? He wont take Advil.

The LLMD handled the eating issue well and DS ate dinner (after crying to fight the OCD). This morning DS is angry that he ate last night and also upset that he's upset about eating last night. Any responses appreciated, already got a text at work that from him "It's all back!" He's in summer school since he was homebound with severe OCD since January 2013-April 2014.

Thanks all,


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My dd's eating issues and OCD are the same way. All her intrusive thoughts are around food or exercise, or how our schedule might impact her food or exercise. She has had this for 10 years of more. We haven't found anything that will help. She's still upset that she ate a big meal on Sunday. The thoughts that she shouldn't have eaten it just won't leave her head, and they literally torture her. Needless to say, she's not eaten much since then. So I'm interested in whatever ideas are out there, too.


One thing that really gets me, is in EVERY other area of life she is brilliant and completely rational - more so than me! She absolutely knows her thoughts about fearing food is irrational, but the panic that happens is not something she can shake off. You can literally see the fear in her eyes, like a caged animal.


I'm so sorry your son is going through this, too.



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Addressing the infection correctly seems to be a key component in fighting the OCD anorexia. For my child the first thing that had an impact was Minocycline, his food refusal and lack of appetite were both improved with the addition of that abx. But we also had to address adrenal insufficiency. He is also on Ceftin , Crypto- Plus , Cumanda, and a boat load of suplements.

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We were on mino for a long time, since it passes the BBB it seemed like the right choice, but it did not seem to help.


I'm glad to report that he has eaten every day this weekend (only one meal, but it's a start). So maybe it was the thyroid condition (retesting next Monday), or the Ceftin.


Started supplementing the mito issue so hoping this week brings more improvements.


Thanks as always


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