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LLMD in New England

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Dr M in CT treats both kids and adults but gives priority to kids on the waiting list. PM me if you want his contact info.

Kara M used an LLMD in the Boston area for herself. She isn't on the forum very often but does respond quickly if you PM her. If you can't find her in the member directory, let me know and I'll get the doctor's name for you if you're interested.

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Dr. D in Concord, NH. He's an integrative family doc and will see both adults and kids. He does accept insurance and works with all ages. Takes several months to get in.

Dr. H in Portsmouth, NH is another one. He's a ND- does not accept insurance directly. Deals with a lot of lyme.

Feel free to PM me if you need more info.

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Yes, we did see Dr. H about 2 years ago. We started our lyme journey with him. At that time, he did mention PANDAS/PANS to us, but also explained that he was not a PANDAS/PANS expert. I believe he would sometimes consult with Dr. B in CT if he had questions regarding a patient.


Of course, a lot may have changed since we saw him last.

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