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coxsackie virus - pls help

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Hi everyone,


I really need some advice at the moment. In crisis mode here.


Ds7 and dd7 have coxsackie virus right now. They have not had a pans diagnosis as of yet but I have seen mild signs of Pans in the past. Older son is 10 and has Pans/lyme.


I have sent my older son to my dad's house but he was exposed to ds7 during his most contagious period. So worried he is going to catch it.


I have Valtrex at home (long story).


My question is should I put them all on the Valtrex? I really don't know how much to give them and for how long I should have them on it. I know that when coxsackie is found in pans children, some doctors will put them on Valtrex but does it make a difference if they have an active infection? With all the symptoms? Do you think it would harm them?


I have an appt scheduled with Dr. T. on Tues but still 3 days until that happens so I want to know if it's wise to start them on the Valtrex now.


No one is showing any Pans symptoms at the moment but I am not confident they won't start to show up later on.




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michaeltamp, did you have an active infection?


I've started them on the antiviral but am worried there is a medical reason I shouldnt. Both dd and ds have an active infection. I'm not sure if I should be letting the coxsackie run it's course.

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