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Dr. Greenblatt was great. His initial dx for my son was this:


1)Anger/Irritability (not ODD) as a result from food allergies: Dairy (biggest culprit), Gluten & Eggs. All came back positive on IGG test.


2)ADHD: Possibly co-morbid to food allergies: To be determined over how he does over next 3 months. (on a wait and see because a) history on husbands side of the family and B) most of my sons labs came back pretty clean, with the exception of low on lithium, calcium and magnesium. (big shocker)


3) Possible Learning disabilities: mainly because school/learning has been SUCH a challenge. He explained that WE MUST have him tested, because diet change and supplements can't fix a learning disability, and even if the diet is helping immensely with behaviors and adhd symptoms, a LD will cause him so much inner turmoil, it will negate any strides we make with diet, etc...


Regime to start: Vit C (my son has none in his body apparently from food allergy), Calm 1x day & Liquid Lithium (not psych med form) 1/2 dropper 1x day with dinner.


He is doing more testing to dig deeper, a dna Genecept Assay, and another essential acid test.


We will see how he does monthly.


Forcast: With no LD, a very high chance that no psyche meds will be needed.

With LD, 50% chance or slightly higher that no psyche meds will be needed.


Update: My son is doing unbelievable. There is no anger, no opposition, no edge, no meaness. He is more patient, more cooperativesmiling almost all the time, and is able to work thru his frustrations and reading grade level material much better and without all the drama. (he still hates reading, but hey, he has had a 3 year negative relationship to books so who can blame the kid). Over all, the change is remarkable. Remarkable.


If anybody has any questions about Greenblatt they can pm me.


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glad to hear that you doing well and that the meeting with dr g was positive.

question: how are you going to test for learning disabilities?

we tested our ds6 at MGH and results were vague and unhelpful. my impression was that testing is extremely imprecise with borderline cases, if disability is not obvious, which seems to be the case, if I understand it correctly, with your son

but, perhaps, I am wrong. is there a better and worse test?

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All good questions pr40. I plan to speak with our peds doc since he has always given good advice. My kids are in a therapy camp run by a group of psychologist so I will speak with them as well. I will share anything I learn...

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We saw nice changes too when we started the lithium orotate supplement. Are you just doing dairy free and gluten free? How long did it take when you changed the diet before you started seeing changes? We are considering going gluten and dairy free. It's a big step but I have heard it makes a big difference for those with rage issues. My daughter didn't test positive for gluten allergy though.



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We are Dairy, gluten and egg free. I would say that I started noticing changes within one week and definitely big changes by week 2.


I would suggest the diet to anybody whom is experiencing behavior issues....


FYI: sometimes a child can have issues and it does not show up on lab work for some reason. The best way is to take the plunge. Give it 2 weeks and you will know.


I have my Pandas child on the same diet for example. I have not noticed any changes in him except maybe improved reading...That being said, my Pandas kid was in pretty good shape when I started this. Although, there is always room for improvement. :P

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