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Strep question

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Hi everyone, haven't been on this site for a long while. I will keep this short (pressed for time). Ds7 (no official pandas diagnosis - his brother 10 yrs old has pandas) had strep June 12. He was put on zith for 5 days, then amox for 10 days, then another 5 days of zith - regular strength regimen for strep. He finished abx, we swabbed him, results were negative. 2 days later he develops a fever and really bad sore throat. Took him in for another swab (pending results), doc gave me another 10 days amox (regular strength). I gave him 3 doses so far but his throat is worse today than it was yesterday. Thinking he needs stronger abx or combo....has anyone here experienced this? What should I be asking for? I've scheduled an apt with Dr. T. but that doesn't happen until next Tues. Thanks.

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We can't really recommend specifically. Many times it is based on individual child's weight...... can they swallow pills....etc....


I would ask with ds7......any Pandas issues/symptoms or just normal infection stuff...fever/sore throat?.....Which would be a good thing.....however, left untreated.....could lead,I would think, to Pandas.


I would maybe ask for longer zithromax. For us, Amox did nothing to clear the infections. We are sure of this in more than one kiddo and I recommend googling amoxicillin failure rate or something similar. Some interesting info.

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