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soylent - have you tried it?

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First ingredient Maltodextrin, so I say no. Here's something I copied:


'maltodextrin is just as bad, sometimes worse, as having sugar. Easily absorbed carbs like maltodextrin and sugar get into your bloodstream fast. If there is nothing for all that blood sugar to do (i.e. repair muscle-tissue, give energy), it will get stored as fat. Contrast that with real complex carbs from whole grains, which are broken down and absorbed slowly, and maltodextrin looks more and more like sugar.'


There is also some info. about Maltodextrin and glutamate, don't really get that part tho.


Now, if there is a feeding issue and someone can only drink, different.

But as a good meal replacement, no.

I'd rather feed a meal, give a vitamin if necessary.

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Have to agree with SSS and your comment that GMO soy is a no, no.


Even though it contains milk products (I'm hoping more whey and less casein), we use Mercola Miracle Whey for a daily smoothie. To that we add Lekithos sunflower lecithin, chia seeds, organic wheat grass, frozen dark red/blue berries and 1/2 a banana. The kids look forward to it as their daily treat, as do I.

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apologies to all who use this or like it - just trying to add a little humor, albeit dark.

please heed this warning and go no further if you like this product.


I cannot believe this company did not do a proper extensive marketing search before naming this product. granted - not so much in the mainstream and an old reference, but I used to work in marketing and don't believe they used this name.


dh claims they must have done it on purpose - but I just can't see it as a wise business move.


google if you are curious.

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the idea behind the product sounds great but, because of the ingredients, the product itself may be lacking.

The NEw Yorker article explains the choice of name, if you are interested.

So, I guess, for the time being the verdict is "no" to this kind of food for our kids.


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