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Can some one please explain the hystimine process with Tourette's. PLEASE. Do I need more or less. I just completed reading 2 papers and still I don't understand if he has to much or not enough.

Thanks Melanie

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Honestly Melanie it does seem to me to vary greatly with the individual so even though some research **on families** have shown results in one direction....imo that does not apply to all people with TS dx...especially as just the anecdotal reports on this very forum show such a wide range....

We have had people whose tics improve greatly with anti-histamines

And others who see to require histamine.

My son has genetic TS and does not tolerate histamine


So I think the only way to really know is trial and error or specific testing

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What can I use safely to increase histamine. He has used Benadryl in the past.


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