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Help w Pepsid for antihistimine?

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Hey guys: mold is very hi right now in nc and one of my son's more severe allergies. We have done poorly with classic antihistimines in the past. Can someone talk to me about using Pepsid, dosing for a 54 pound boy age 7? Really getting worried that this will cause a setback to all of the progress that we have made...thank you. Feeling worried!

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We have used Pepcid off and on and have found it to be a very effective H2 blocker (histamine receptor); for our DS, it has helped with seasonal allergies (mold and pollen), eczema and the very abrupt form of "flash anxiety" -- sort of exaggerated "fight or flight" episodes. If you've searched Pepcid threads here, however, you'll find some warnings about use (or perhaps more accurately, overuse) reducing stomach acid to too high a degree, thereby altering gut flora in a way you wouldn't want to do. However, I stand by its efficacy during high-histamine periods, and we've not experienced any of the negative side effects; we continue to supplement with probiotics, however.


I would start with the regular strength (10 mg.) formula, once per day, and see if he seems to benefit. If he does, but seems to need more antihistamine help, you could use it twice a day during the worst of allergy season. Given your son's size and weight, I would probably steer clear of the "maximum strength" stuff (20 mg.) unless you can run it past a doctor and get their input on that.


Good luck!

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I am thinking of about 1/2 that strength - I know there is a kids form of Pepsid script on the mkt so I will try to find out what it is. We are doing the yearly rounds w/Dr's B, L and E in a few weeks and I will ask them as well, I expect Dr. B will be receptive to discussing it. i just need an SOS now, as he is miserable with nose/throat issues and some emergence of tics. I feel very sure that the start of these mild symptoms are allergy related and I need to nip them before the antibodies get themselves into a tizzy!


Thank you! -Kath :)

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