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I was just at their site looking for info on the urine test for mold. I'm not really sure which of the tests I'm supposed to be looking for. Is this something I could order directly from them and run at home, or would I need a prescription? Does anyone know the cost?

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We ran it through our LLMD. However, I would definitely give them a call to see if they would send the kit directly.


Below is the specific test we ran. Its expensive at $600.00 'I think'. However, we are using it as a baseline and every time we retest after initial test it is only $100.00




We also did ERMI testing for our home via them.

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We did the ERMI testing, and it came back as a 2 (I think the scale was 1 to 4), so it didn't seem like a prominent mold problem if it was one. But up until this time ds slept on a water bed, and honestly we hadn't changed any water in there over 10 years. We did promptly get rid of the bed in case it was a source.

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Please take my response as global to whoever is reading and not specific to your situation.


My friend who had visible black mold problem in their home also came back as 2. on ERMI testing. They both had mold related 'POSITIVE' results from the mycotoxin urine testing. For example reference range for Trichothecene (black mold) is .18 to .20 and their results were both above 1.6. They are treating until toxins are within proper reference range of .18 to .2


Our ERMI testing came back as 97.0 for our home after a tree fell on it. Our home is now classified at their highest levels for mold exposure and we were instructed not to enter without a mask and gloves on. The mold was not visible and was behind walls and in eaves of home.


When you do Shoemaker and HLA marker you are looking for both Lyme (die off) biotoxin's and mold toxin issue. It is how the body is being impacted by one or the other. If the body is unable to detox these particular toxins and daily cholestyramine can be very helpful. The mycotoxin test only looks at mold related toxins and will provide a baseline for treating and type of mold toxin issue.


Order of testing should be when investigating mold and biotoxin's:

  • VCS: On-line test at $15
  • Shoemaker panel: (should be covered by insurance) It is the following test: MMP-9, TGF-b1, VIP Plasma, VEGF, Leptin, MSH along with HLA marker (genetic testing for ability to detox biotoxin's and mold toxin's)
  • Real Time Labs Urine Mycotoxin Test: Tells you what type of mold and level of impact. For us, its acting as a baseline for treatment.
  • ERMI testing of home: This will tell you if your home environment is contributing to illness. The mold doesn't always come from the home environment and why it is listed last. If you are aware of a mold issue in your home you must abate or disclose issue prior to selling.

Those with Gluten sensitivities or Celiac's antibodies should be testing for mold as well. These particular antibodies cross react with mold toxins antibodies. Mold toxin's/biotoxin's are very immune suppressing, very inflammatory, can lower WBC count, open the door for additional infections and often will prevent an individual from making progress with antibiotic therapies. If you can not detox mold toxin's they will only circulate in the body until treated.


In our situation, our entire family did make progress with Lyme treatment. However, our older son has a few lingering symptoms that are considered very mold toxin related 'stamina, brain fog, chronic cough that came and went, short term memory issues'. Had headaches, frequent urination and was 'just not feeling well' at times but those resolved fairly quickly after moving and detoxing started.


DD who is impacted the most of all our children by mold toxin's also improved with antibiotic therapies. She looked more ASD and presented with rapid cycling of moods, mood switching, OCD only on two occasions. However, we attempted to take her down and off antibiotics three different times. Every time she could not sustain baseline and typically regressed within 2 weeks. She just turned 7 and is still not night trained. Last night was the first time ever she woke up with a dry diaper. Mold toxin's can cause urinary frequency. We have been detoxing her since January.

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Thanks for that information. It is something I will re-look into. Can you tell me about the VCS test? I just googled it, but I didn't quiet get how a vision test relates to mold. DS did have a high C4a when tested almost 2 years ago, but came down to within normal limits when retested last fall. He's never had any typical mold symptoms, if that makes a difference (no cough, runny nose, respiratory issues etc.), just the PANS symptoms.

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