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basic daily tasks? Cant or won't do!

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hope -- what does he do with the item when he gets it? it may be not so much that he 'wants' the item but that he 'has' to have it. this is what I mean about the insidiousness of OCD.


my ds had his worst time during a reaction to a remedy. this involved non-eating issues. luckily because it was a herx-like reaction, it only lasted about a week. each day, he drank just enough liquid to keep him out of the ER. he would smack food out of our hands to not allow us to eat it. it was food that he was rejecting. because of things he said as he was coming out of it, I believe it was a false belief that he or we would die if we ate that food. further, it was some complicated thing that if the person did die, they would have deserved it. I think he was about 6 at the time. imagine carrying that thought at 6 years old!


a long time ago, I heard Dr. L say that the false belief that some kids carry due to PANDAS is so horrible, they will often never divulge or admit it.


I believe this is what can cause the sometimes shows up/sometimes not situation rather than a choice on the kid's part. but yes, sometimes it's hard to tell. but - if you are fine with something, it's easy to be compliant. if you are concerned your dad will die by eating the waffle you said no to, no - you may act irrationally like a wild animal.


in addition to Explosive Child, Social thinking, we have used 6-step problem solving. however, the child (or person problem solving) needs to be in a pretty good space to participate. so happy to hear you got the book. I'd first work on the repeating technique to get yourself into a situation that you are not so emotionally dragged into the situation so you have more ability to effectively work on solution.


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