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Lack of Appetite?

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Ds16 recently added Bartonella treatment to the PANS tx and the immune support.


His appetite has been on the decline since May when we started Mepron and Azith and Sida'Acuta and Hawthorne. This weekend we will add Rifampin (should have started last week, but DS16 is scared of a herx).


Any ideas?


Thanks as always,


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We are also dealing with Lyme and my son has the same complaint. He has stayed the same in weight or lost a pound or two over the last 9 months. I just make sure he eats all three meals a day and give him small snacks when possible. This is a very common symptom with Lyme.


Our dr gave me a prescription for something called Cyproheptadine, but I have not given it to him so I don't know if it works. I do not want to add anymore prescriptions than he is already on, you know.


Hope someone else can give you a better answer, good luck.

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Before and during probably the first 6-8 months of treatment for bartonella, DD didn't eat much. I put it down to her ADHD - that something would distract her from eating and in following the distraction she would forget to eat.


Lunches would frequently come back uneaten from school. While she was in the earlier grades I tried to make sure that her teachers would redirect her back to eating, and in the later grades (when there wasn't as much supervision during lunch periods) she was placed in a remedial class and prompted to eat by the EAs there.


OCD was not an issue, she never had problems with texture or taste. She simply couldn't be bothered to eat, but also never complained of hunger. For a couple of years she wore the same clothes and didn't really outgrow anything. Now she is still a little behind her peers, but has really grown significantly.


When we weaned DD from abx, I began treating myself with the same bartonella herbal protocol and I noticed that my appetite waned for approx. 12 months. Now has come roaring back :) . Rats.

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I cannot speak to the meds you mention - just to tell you our experience.


recently, ds's lunches came home hardly touched, if at all. he was also doing a lot of complaining about breakfast choices. he does tend to eat the same thing for quite some time - so it is reasonable that he gets tired of it. but this was more intense and with NO interest in anything else. there were also some other step-ups. our doc believes TBI is bothering him again.


he has been on remedy only a short time. yesterday, he wanted to try cracking crabs at a restaurant. has never before been interested in crab and wouldn't try it.


I do think for him, this appetite issue is something that indicates a problematic infection or step up in something.

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I am treating myself with the same herbs that we are using for DD. Buhner's full bartonella protocol:


Sida acuta, houttuynia, Japanese knotweed, hawthorne, milk thistle, cordyceps, drinking green tea several times daily for ECGC. We have omitted l-arginine because I can't rule out viruses.


We added the CSA combination tincture in Nov and are now also using very low dose (2 drops TID) cilantro tincture along with tinctures of ginger and turmeric - and don't forget the probiotics 2 hours removed from the antimicrobials!


Buhner's associate wants us to start red root (for lymph drainage) and bidens (another broadly acting antimicrobial), which are part of his babesia protocol.

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Oh, there's more supplements. Those are just the herbals!


I don't think any one herb is responsible for appetite suppression. Both DD and I are still taking all of them and our appetites have returned. I think it's probably linked to pre treatment infection and early treatment die-off.

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