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Hi Everyone,

My son will soon be attending his high school graduation and his teeth are badly stained (I think from minocycline but not sure which antibiotic has caused it. He recently stopped minocycline.) He just had his teeth cleaned six weeks ago, and the stains always go away after a cleaning. But I really don't want to pay for another cleaning and I would like to get some nice graduation pictures.


Does anyone have any ideas?


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Just tried the following on DS's teeth. They had already yellowed and had brown stains on his front permanent teeth since his cleaning in early May. This weekend a little girl told him his teeth looked like "that guy on A Christmas Carol that has yellow teeth". He was upset by it. I just mixed this solution up. I brushed using his tooth brush. When there was still some brown staining on the two upper front teeth, I used a piece of gauze wrapped around my finger. All stains gone!!!!!


From Wiki, as noted above:


Brush your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste once a week. •Pour 2 teaspoons (10 milliliters) of hydrogen peroxide into 3 teaspoons (15 milliliters) of baking soda. Mix these together until a paste forms. Play with these measurements until you find a consistency that you like. The paste should be similar in thickness to toothpaste.

•Add a tiny bit of mint toothpaste to your homemade paste to give it a fresh flavor. You can also add a drop of peppermint extract.

•Mix in a dash of salt. The salt will exfoliate your teeth as you brush.

•Dollop the paste mixture onto your toothbrush.

•Brush the paste onto your teeth in small, circular motions. Once all teeth are covered, let the mixture sit on your teeth for 2 minutes.

•Rinse the solution off of your teeth by swishing with water from the bathroom sink.

•Brush your teeth with toothpaste to rid your mouth of any remnants of the hydrogen peroxide mixture.

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