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long ago - ds had definite improvement with motrin. I used to call it magic motrin. we used it in exacerbation and even sometime prophylactically. I would not say he has had an exacerbation in 2 years but he did have some issues this spring. we do believe we know the root cause. I am looking for something we could use to help smooth symptoms when/if we have these mini-storms.


I have had interest in enhansa but have only really heard of it used long term -- building up to full dose. and I've never heard of anyone getting off it. I also think I have only have heard positive stories about great improvements in stronger autism symptoms. and, when you get up in those doses, it seems darned expensive.


I've recently become aware of thorne meriva SR. I am a fan of thorne as of late. anyone know anything about that?


I like to use summer/school breaks to experiment for ds10. he's so darned sensitive to a lot -- penicillin rashes, paradoxical reaction to GABA, I still haven't found a D3 that he doesn't react negatively to. so, I was thinking about trying him on one of these.


any opinions/knowledge of these used in a short term manner?



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Lee Silsby Pharmacy/ Our Kids ASD (maker of Enhansa)

is great about offering samples to buy-

I don't see trial doses of Enhansa for sale currently, but maybe you could give them a call

(excellent customer service.)


I use Enhansa daily. It's the one supplement I won't give up. I tried running it through my insurance, but it wasn't a big savings for me.

I also like Longvida, sometimes by googling VRP offers buy 2 for 1.


Now, for my dd, it used to make her hyper, which I believe was a phenol issue, but it did pull out a dormant virus when I did a 30-45 day protocol ramping up with it then ramping down back off. This was years ago.

I've been afraid to rock her boat with it again, but it would be great instead of ibuprofen.

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It was a no-go for both of my kids. DD can't handle the sulfur in Enhansa and it made DS rage. DS was only mildly cranky the first week at 1/2 dose, then was unbearable in the first day at full dose. He couldnt even stand to be in the same room with himself (which is how the rest of us felt too). Thankfully, it wore off quickly and he was much better the next day after we stopped. Yet I know it works wonders for many. For us, we stick with ibuprofen as needed.


Smarty - check your inbox - sent you a PM

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