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Bullseye rash questions--help!

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Dd has a rash that seems to change by the hour. Two days ago, she showed it to me, and I thought it could be a mosquito bite with more redness than usual. I thought she'd been scratching at it too much. Today, I was alarmed because it looked like a bullseye (4.5cm.) A few hours later it looked bruised, now it looks faded. She said it looked bruised yesterday. She has had it for at least a week. There appears to be one puncture wound in the raised, red center.


I'll take her to the Urgent Care tomorrow, but I'm afraid to trust any local doc. What if he says it's a spider bite? Isn't his guess as good as mine? I can't trust the standard tests. I've done some research, but there is SO much conflicting info! One site says assume lyme, another says watch for flu-like sx. One site says the rash should be >10cm, but some people get no rash--is there no in between? Some sources say no itching, some say it can itch. Oh, and one site said the bullseye can be a non-lyme reaction to a tick bite--wait, WHAT?


How am I supposed to make an informed treatment decision? How can the doctor??? Dd has been relatively stable, and now she is reporting a rise in general anxiety. Any infection triggers anxiety in her. I suppose even a spider bite could. Lyme scares the heck out of me, but I don't want to jump the gun here. I need advice!!

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I was hoping someone else would reply to this, because my thoughts are tainted with the hardship and strife of trying to treat and recover chronic Lyme.

And, my answer is not moral.

Is your dd currently on daily antibiotics?

If not, and you need some,

I would lie. I would tell the Dr. it was an imbedded tick,

you live in endemic state,

you need 30 days at least.

Take pictures of the rash for the future if necessary.

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have to say, I'd second SSS and say I saw a tick.

we recently had an anxiety issue with ds10 at school. that weekend, ds12 woke up Saturday with a sore throat. our peds office had no more available appts so I took him to Righttime clinic. I was explaining to doc - who I thought seemed okay, or at least just let off an air of confidence (or arrogance) - that we need to be very careful with strep b/c I have a younger son with an autoimmune issue.

he stated, 'younger ds has rheumatic fever?'. I say no -- PANDAS. he looks quizzical and I start just a quick explanation -- you'd think I'd know by now! - as I am spelling out the acronym, he interrupts with, "oh - that has nothing to do with strep." just as I finish, "associated with strep".

after he swabbed him, he must have looked on the internet b/c he had a very different attitude when he came back in.


note to self -- I will now just state that ds has rheumatic fever. I know I am talking about siblings and you are talking about the same child -- but I would say there was some sort of tick involvement.

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The doctor gave 14 days of doxy. Have any of you had Dr. T. prescribe doxy for early Lyme? I'm hoping he'll prescribe the rest.


BTW, I didn't even need to answer any questions about seeing the tick or about other sx of Lyme being present or not. Their office is seeing a lot of bullseyes. He said the rash was enough.

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