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Dore program or Learning Breakthrough


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Hi there,

I have been contemplating having my son do the program, a person came over and assessed him for the program and he fits most of the list.

I didn't even realise he had ADD until she asked the questions! We were concerned about his dyslexia, then it hit me like a wall that ADD would be why he cannot follow simple instruction to go and get ready for school. He has to walk through 2 rooms to get to his bedroom and always gets distracted on the way.


I had just got used to his air headedness!


The program in Australia costs us about $5250 and every 6 weeks we would have to drive 3 hours to get reassessed. I am happy to do the course and my son is really wanting to do it too, he promises that he will do his exercises religiously, his prize is going to be an XBox when he completes the course.

I am currently asking the Universe to supply the money as it has to be paid upfront.


The DVD and literature and gut feeling convinced me that this will be of major benefit to our family.


Hope this helps


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Hi Phyl and Ausclare. I came across your post while looking for parents who currently have their children in the Dore program, or those who are interested in learning more about it. My 14-year-old son has a diagnosis of combined-type ADHD, and because of the stress of being unmedicated (can't do them due to side-effects), he now also has a diagnosis of irritable bowel with reflux. So, we looked for alternatives. We found the Dore program and he has been in the program since December of last year. He is doing well, but still has a long ways to go. I have gathered a wonderful, active group of angels (moms and dads) where we talk, debate-free, and support and encourage and share with each other the joys and the struggles as we are going through the Dore program with our children, or talk with anyone who is interested in finding out more about it. We have kids with ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, behaviour issues, and other learning issues in the conversations. We have also talked a bit about the Learning Breakthrough program as well. Since I am not a regular member on this forum, I would not feel comfortable posting a link to the ADHD forum this discussion is on, unless there is a request for it and it would be alright, or you may private message me, and I can get the information to anyone who is interested in joining in on the dialog. You can also google my username there, as "1Kid2dogs" and find it. I just wanted you to know we are there if you would like to hear first hand from those with personal experience with the Dore program what it's like. Take care!



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I am also interested in learning about the Dore program or the Learning Breakthrough program. Did you decide to do either? If so, which one and how is it working for you? Is it for you or for your child(ren)? I have a 7 yr old daughter who I think could benefit from one or the other. The question is, which one?


I appreciate any help you have to offer.


Has any one here had any experience with either the Dore program or Learning Breakthrough program?
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Hi again. After reviewing lots of information, we did decide to start the Dore program for my 15 year old son who has mild inattentive add. (He no longer has the tics which I wrote about several years ago on the ACN forum). He began the Dore exercises in August. Within about 4 weeks his organizational abilities have amazingly improved - he has been cleaning and organizing his room and he's kept his notebooks way better organized than last year. Is this from Dore or just maturity, I don't know. It's still the beginning, so we'll see. He complains but has been good about doing the exercises which so far take about 5 minutes twice a day. Apparently many people don't see any changes until they've been doing the exercises for much longer. We decided to try Dore though it is expensive instead of Learning Breakthrough because of the feedback and check-ups they have.

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I'm new here, I was looking around for something to do with the Dore program and came across this.

My son who is 10 started the program about a year ago, but has only been doing it for the first 6 months.

I asked for a refund, saying we'd had enough and didn't feel it was doing any good, I was told he had to have a 6 month break, because of his terrible mood swings and refusing to cooperate with doing his exercises, to give it a rest for a while and see how he goes.

It's now been 6 months, he is doing alot better, but NOT because of the Dore Program!.

If you are thinking about joining the program, be very aware that it may not go as you expect.

Yes the child may seem enthusiastic and promise to do the excersies and try hard, but it's harder than it seems.

It's a lot of money to hand over, I had to get a loan off my generous aunt who wants to see my son improve and be happy.

We first had to travel for 6 hours each way to the gold coast, then a centre opened an hour a way, now I've been told they're closed and we will have to travel about 4 hours to New castle.

I'm not happy, infact I'm very upset and have asked a few times to pull out for a number of reasons.

1: He refuses to do the exercises.

2: The time and money involved with traveling so far.

3: He has improved with help from our wonderful school( we moved so he could go to this school & it's working)

4: I was PROMISED if it didn't start to work or I wasn't satisfied within 6 months I could ask for my money back.

5: The fighting and arguing just wasn't worth it.

And the list could go on and on.

Now I'm out over $5000, I'm a single mum with 3 darling boys, who CAN NOT afford this.

Especially if he's not doing it, and the money's just gone to waste; if it was working and we were happy I ofcause would not be complaining, but it's the opposite.

Now they act like they have no idea where I got the idea about a refund, and say we have to keep comming or just loose all that money.

The school my sons attend have a similar program, if they see a student is have trouble in school they put them on whats called "extra lessons".

It's more personal and simple.

It's still a bunch of exercises every night, but they see the teacher once a week for 30 minutes to do a type of theropy with drawing and movement and other things, also they see the teacher around the school every day and feel more comfortable with it.

I have explained all this to people at the Dore program, but it didn't make a bit of differance.


To sum up, BE CAREFUL, rumors are going around that the program is about to collapse and everyone involved will loose their money.

I am loosing sleep over it, worrying about how I'm going to pay my wonderful Aunt back and tell her whats happened.


It may be good and has worked for some, BUT it won't be for every one, and they won't tell you that when you join up, all you'll hear is successful cases that they'll brag about.


When it comes down to it, they want your money, and if it works for your child then all's good, if it doesn't work, then they don't want to know you.


This is a big warning, I hope who ever reads this, pays attention.

I don't want it happening to you!!!!



If you are wondering what type of school I'm talking about that is so amazing it's helping my son overcome his problems, it's the Armidale waldorf school for Steiner education, I only wish I'd found it when he was in preschool, things might be a whole lot different for him now.

All I can say is, you live and learn, and hope you don't make too many blunders along the way!.

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I believe the Dore program has closed its doors in England. I would check that out before investing in it. I know there has been a lot of criticism. I had thought about doing Learning Breakthrough, but just wasn't confident that eye/hand coordination and balancing were issues we needed to deal with.

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I believe the Dore program has closed its doors in England. I would check that out before investing in it. I know there has been a lot of criticism. I had thought about doing Learning Breakthrough, but just wasn't confident that eye/hand coordination and balancing were issues we needed to deal with.


Hi Emma,

You should read carefully about the Learning Breakthrough Program. Anyone can benefit from it and it is very affordable. The program uses visual/motor exercises to improve brain processing which is helpful in so many ways. Of course, balance and coordination will improve as well. Therapists worldwide have used the program and it is now revised to be easy to use by the average person without assistance or training. It is quite remarkable however a committment to daily use is the way to get maximum benefit. Good luck.

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