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speak fish oil?

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My DS takes this only 1 pill 2x a day for a few months now. Not for speech issues just because the Doc said it's a good quality fish oil. We may increase down it down the road, but dealing with infection at the moment so this is on the back burner. We haven't had any good or bad reactions using this.

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Sorry, when I first looked at the link, it looked more like a snake oil add. You know, the kind that pops up to sell you the miracle weight loss in a pill doing a web page search usually shows links on first couple of google 'pages'. It's a lot of money to pay for something that has no track record. Vitamine k supplements cost about $5 for 100 tabs which is a lot cheaper for something that could possibly help. I'm not down on fish oil, I think it's great for what it does do. We actually started giving DD fish oil but in liquid form to make it easier for her to take the higher dose and it has is orange tasting without the fish burp you get from a lot of fish oils.


We have had the most success with speech theropy. Before DD, came down with PANS symptoms, we were starting to look for hypnosis therapy after seeing a documentary on selective mutism, which appearently is born from anxieity. DD was born by emergency c-section due to cord coil which seems to be one of the common links for children with developmental issues. Another posibility for our DD is Apraxia. We visited to a place call The Listening Center in Southern California and the speech pathologist there had told us about this diagnosis being one for some of her patients. They used something called the Tomatis method and said they have been lots of success with it. It was a bit far to drive from our place and we did'nt have the additional budget because the pathologist was out of network. Another thing that escape many is being tonge tied.



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