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Even though my son is far from getting better, dealing with lyme and activitly treating, and he feels horrible most of the time, his fellow baseball team nomiated him to play in their all-star game. No one on the team knows about him having lyme or Pandas. I know this will make him feel so good and he really needs that right now.


We really need to celebrate the little moments for our children who spend most of their time suffering. Hopefully it will be a good day for him so he can enjoy his moment. Just wanted to share.


Thanks for being an awesome support board.

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That's great!!! I know what you mean.... My daughter's school has "town meetings" and she just got selected for the first time, to do a little dance routine in one of the meetings Monday morning... Couldn't have come at a better time- she hates school now, but she's looking forward to going in on Monday! ;) I'm so happy for her, and for your son! We do need to celebrate the little things..... The happy moments should command just as much attention as the rough ones!!

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